7 Biggest SEO Trends Of 2015

7 Biggest SEO Trends Of 2015

Being aware of the latest SEO updates is very crucial in order to stay ahead of the competition. SEO has become an essential part of your online business since it is an inbound marketing strategy that brings traffic to the website. Considering all these, it is important to be well versed with the latest trends in SEO and you will know how to prepare yourself to build a brand.

Here are some SEO trends to look for in 2015

1. Content is the king

Content was and will always remain the king in SEO. Relevant and valuable content will stay forever as search engine algorithms focus on whether or not the content has relevance to the keywords. It is important for you to focus on producing high quality content and make use of relevant keywords instead of saturating keywords.

2. Being responsive

One of the most significant ranking factors in search engine algorithms is, the mobile friendly experience. Mobile users have already exceeded desktop users. From 2015 making mobile-friendly website is a must. Make sure your website is responsive to avoid losing your potential customers.

3. Social media promote rankings

If you share more content, your chances of being visible on the search engine is higher. Social media marketing and SEO work together. Both are equally important for your business to gain visibility on the internet. Social media is beneficial for you to expand your skills and awareness.

4. Earned links will become more important

Links have always been a substantial part of SEO. Gaining inbound links especially from an authoritative publisher will be greatly beneficial. It not only helps in improving the website ranking but also helps in lead generation, online sales and promoting the brand on the internet. In order to earn inbound links naturally, you need to focus on creating valuable content and promoting it properly to the target customers.

5. Conversations are more important than keywords

Search engines are now using meaning and intent in search query along with content. Conversations keyword or long tail keyword phrases and queries are more likely to be relevant than short key phrases. The specificity has increased the conversion rates of long tails keywords. The next big SEO trend is definitely taking advantage of long tail search traffic. It is also important for you to realize what the users want and engage them in conversation.

6. ROI matters more than ranking

Simply getting the website at the top of search engine is not important. It is important that you generate business through it. In 2015, the focus will be more on placing significant elements that will have positive impact in your ROI or Return on Investment. You will have to put forward new strategies and analyze how your content will convert into potential leads.

7. More visuals is good for SEO

Visual media elements such as images, videos and graphics have become valuable in SEO. This trend is expected to stay on throughout the year. High quality, original content that has these elements gets priority over web pages which just include text. To generate huge social media traffic, marketing through videos has become one of the most important strategies.

Considering the above mentioned SEO trends in 2015, it is time for you to reframe your SEO strategies in order to increase your ranking, your sales and improve brand awareness. These steps will definitely help you achieve your goals.