NoFollow links: Boon Or Bane?

NoFollow links: Boon Or Bane?

Link building has always been important for a business. It stands for authority and trust of the website. It plays a huge role when you want to make your business more popular and you want to reach out to more people. Many SEO companies offer link building services since it has become so essential. Links are of two types: DoFollow and NoFollow. It is considered that DoFollow links allow search engine bots to follow the links where as NoFollow links do not allow search engine bots to follow the links.

Undoubtedly, DoFollow links from relevant sites are always considered crucial. But there has always been a debate on the importance of NoFollow links. Should it be considered while link building or does Google consider those links to increase the ranking of a website? In short, whether is it a Boon or a Bane?

Both of these links are equally important as both of them build awareness. As long as they are seen, they are useful to you. Nobody even needs to click on them; they just need to be visible.

Know more about the importance of NoFollow links:

• Links generate profit

Whether it is NoFollow or DoFollow, it will surely lead someone to spend money on your company’s services. NoFollow links will earn you more that domain authority and it will not only create awareness about your services but also engage with your audience.

• Make the most of your NoFollow links

You need to make the most of the NoFollow links. Understand how you can use them in social media, blogs and everywhere else.

1. Encourage viewers to click on your link

The link should be tempting enough for the user to click on it. The headline should be very catchy.

2. Increase your audience

If you want more people to see and click on your NoFollow link, get a larger audience. Try getting in touch with people of authority and you could request them to go through your content. If they find it worth they might even share it, which will increase your audience. Also when you write blog posts that refer someone else, make sure they know about it. It is natural for people to share the blogs that are written on them.

3. Ensure your link is relevant

One of the most important aspects of a NoFollow link is to ensure its relevance. Many links remain un-clicked because the content is not relevant. You need to be very careful in deciding what needs to be shared and at what time it should be shared.

4. Write relevant content

Your content needs to be relevant when people click on it. This is to reduce the bounce rate. Your headline might help you in grabbing the attention but if you content isn’t worth than you might lose your audience. Also you should avoid writing misleading headlines.

5. Optimize your landing pages

When someone clicks on your link you must keep them engaged with your content. You can provide them with relevant internal links to keep the user within the website.

• Conclusion

People generally tend to rely more on DoFollow links. But you should realize that if we earn links from relevant domains then every link would be beneficial, be it NoFollow or DoFollow. Google will never penalize websites for having lot of links. NoFollow links are equally important and valuable for brand building. They are significantly powerful than you can expect. The focus should be always on getting the links in front of the right source at the right time.