SEO Techniques To Master In 2015

SEO Techniques To Master In 2015

Every year SEO is evolving and becoming more sophisticated and has become a recognized field of marketing today. In 2014 industries across the globe have benefited from SEO and there is no sign of this slowing down even in 2015. It was the most efficient source for acquiring new customers in the previous year.

Research has found that organic search was a key starting point for brands to display their services and products in front of the target audience. Also it was the largest factor of driving traffic and revenue for almost every industry analyzed. More than 50% of traffic for B2B marketers was derived from organic search.

Following five areas in SEO should be mastered by every marketer in 2015:

1. Map Strategy for Competitive Insights

SEO has become excellent at understanding the keyword intent and segments the marketing strategy to match that intent. With the loss of keyword data in Google Analytics and the general progression of SEO, it is necessary to merge more traditional marketing concepts into SEO to create a new way of segmenting audiences.

The quantitative data should be merged around the topics that are driving search demand. Pair that with market insights about who our customers are and what type of information is beneficial for them.

For this you need to identify ways to tackle adjacent markets along with discovering new target keywords. Understand what sort of content performs and keep an eye on your competitors.

2. Align Your SEO teams and Content

Great SEO needs to work in co-ordination with great content. The best approach is to start making strategic content and apply best SEO practices to help maximize its visibility online. A user’s experience and quality is what we should all strive for. Assign your departments and teams with proper task for content and SEO. Segregate the roles and skills of the digital marketing team, and discover the overlapping opportunities that exist for creative folks to learn SEO and vice versa.

3. Prioritize Mobile SEO

The core of any SEO strategy in 2015 should be to create a mobile site. But you need to be careful in your configuration so that you do not lose your traffic. You can find some steps on how to analyze and optimize your mobile web search presence in my previous post here .

Even though a responsive design is recommended by Google, you may also find that a hybrid approach suits you best for your marketing requirements.

4. Find Measurement & Reporting That Works

SEO in 2015 should focus on simplifying their data sources and also work to uncover the right information through structured data sources.

Identify the KPIs that truly matter to prove marketing efforts which could impact the business. Obtain the technology that can pull multiple data sources into one platform and provide real performance insights.

5. Integrate SEO Data across Teams

SEO practitioners work towards the same goal. The various marketing teams should share their learnings and work at the same time for cross channel marketing to get better output.

For instance consider SEO and PPC which are two channels that have a symbiotic relationship. Here PPC can inform SEO data and vice versa. Paid and organic search can impact one another’s success.

Search engine optimization should be an integral part of a website throughout. Continuously improve its ability to make a brand more visible and to create a better experience for users.