Accessibility Testing Services in Mumbai, India


What is Accessibility Testing?

Accessibility Testing is a kind of software testing that validates the system’s capacities for users with different disabilities. It recognizes the website or mobile application’s competence to be navigated, understood, and used by these specially-abled users.

What are the benefits of Accessibility testing?

Accessibility testing provides several benefits including -

  • Enhanced accessibility of information on web pages for all users including those with disabilities resulting in maximizing your online presence and reach.
  • Reliable style of navigation and presentation during the application.
  • Adequate color contrast for supporting disabled users to access the website and application.
  • Elimination of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and provide an opportunity for personalized style sheets deliberated for users with visual disability.

Why SEO Specialists India for Accessibility testing services?

WCAG guidelines are specifically designed for helping web content developers, software developers, app developers, web authoring tool developers, page authors, accessibility tool developers, and complete accessible products to reach every user. One needs to be in compliance with the guidelines of WACG and SPI is your perfect helping hand.

SEO professional India is delighted to offer excellent accessibility testing solutions ensuring each aspect of your website or app is accessible. Our proficient accessibility testing services are led by accessibility testing experts enabling companies to recognize flaws in the digital experience they provide to their clients and users.

We have extraordinary techniques and methods to aid businesses in promptly resolving issues and amalgamating all the leading preeminent practices into their routine operations reducing risk ensuring accountability.