Mistakes to Consider About Rank Tracking

23rd Jan 2019
Mistakes to Consider About Rank Tracking

One of the most common and important tasks in every SEO expert’s to-do list is Rank tracking. But, not all perform this efficiently. The mistakes in rank tracking can affect the rankings and performance of your website.

Here, are some mistakes many individuals make –

Make a different Project for observing Competitors’ Positions

SERPs gives you an opportunity to track up to 500 competitors for the similar phrases devoid of spending further limits on it. Many SEO experts forget to use this function and that makes them spend budget and limit for every keyword. Instead, you can compare the competitors here and save your time that you invest in switching.

No track for experiments and changes on site

Due to cost increment, many individuals avoid using tags in Rank Tracking. It helps in assessing how efficiently your changes are being a site to rank. With tags, you can discover the increased traffic for your targeted keywords.

No tracking for Market Share for any particular Keyword group

Do not go for average, make a separate group for keywords so that you can concentrate on specific resulting keywords rather than wasting money and time for all keywords without any grouping. With this, you will get the right optimization plan for better results.

Not configuring landing pages and no track for phrase storm

No configuration of landing pages may lead the poor ranking of your keywords. With filters, you can easily monitor the pages with their rankings to improve overall rankings of your site.

So, look for these common mistakes about rank tracking and try to avoid them and make your website to gain higher rankings without hurting your pockets.