Essentials Things To Do To Your Old Blogs Posts

28th Nov 2018
Essentials Things To Do To Your Old Blogs Posts

You may have started writing your blog posts with one or two blogs in a week. Later as the blog gets older, the number increases and some of your blog posts get many hits from others. Now your blog page is carrying the bulk of posts that is increasing the size of the blog page. On several sites, a total number of pages is the chief reason to think about improving or scaling back the old content.

Here are some things you can do with the old posts –

Let’s clean up your blog

If you prefer quantity over quality, plenty of old posts ultimately get buried, the entire evergreen topics have been written about before that makes ever harder to keep a record of your content.

To get better results and enhance your crawl efficiency, prune back the number of pages you are putting forward. There is always a scope of improvement so you can optimize and curate your accessible content. This can provide the users a gathering of content with the focused topic and makes you easily discoverable and offers value for users and the business.

Assess your data

It is important to assess your existing data. Check what content is beneficial for users, what is their interest, what is beneficial for your business, its relevancy, etc? Answers of these questions will help you to shortlist the required content and bring them in limelight from time to time.

Expand, Improve, Update the kept posts

Now you have a pile of to keep data. Now what to do with this?

Firstly, you can improve the content with grammar check and making it clearer with clear highlighted points. No need to do many experiments, simple changes can also do well for your business.

Expanding means you can add up new points or the latest versions or alterations may occur about the topic you wrote. This can give users and read more information and likes to your posts.

Stay updated with the analytics of your improved blogs along with the old one. This can help you to respond well with the needs of the users fruitfully.


For the individuals interested in content creation and optimization, you may want more eyes on your final contents. You can attain success by doing it in several ways like sharing and re-sharing on social platforms, resurfacing posts to the front page of your page.

After all your efforts, bear in mind that it will habitually take Google a few months for sorting the relevancy and rankings of our updated content. So, don’t be impatient and just keep monitoring, expanding, promotion and updating your content.